Eastwood jewelry is one of many creative outputs of Austin based artist Brian David Johnson. He first began making jewelry in 2016 after 14 years as a custom furniture maker and designer.  His home base is Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery, a multi disciplinary art space located in laid back east Austin, that he established in 2016, in addition to sister gallery Cloud Tree Auxilliary in the fall of 2023.  All the work is hand fabricated by Brian himself. After years and an amazing journey alongside a trusty band of top notch studio assistants, BDJ has decded to go it alone, slow down, reduce stock and create some really special, focused work. That's when he isn't being the creative director of two art galleries as well as maintaining his own artistic practice and body of work. Limited and select current work, as well as other fine works of art and craft, are available for purchase at Cloud Tree Monday thru Saturday 12-5 or by appointment. 12- 5 Brian’s entire portfolio and other work can be viewed as well as purchased at bdj.gallery.  His Insta can be followed here. Thank you for your interest in his work. It means a lot.




Cloud Tree's Resident Straight Man


Head of Security


Brian's best friend since 2013